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Mar. 4th, 2013 02:49 pm
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I was talking to a friend about odd dreams earlier and I told him about a dream of mine, where I was in a class, and then suddenly, I was in the foyer which a sweeping staircase and as I walked down, the stairs folded away. I sat down on the landing, and my Uncle's Miniature Schnauzer, called Emma Frost, was running around playing when she crawled under a computer desk and got tangled up in the ribbons. I put my feet on a stool and climbed down and untangled Emma, who ran away, and when I sat up, I was in a Computer Lab and when I went to sit at a computer, I was suddenly in a classroom. The bell rang, and everyone left, and I went back to my bedroom, and hanging on a hook on my door was a blue knit hat and in the hat was Mini-Bunnymud, who was looking around with sad bunny eyes. I went to pick him up and cuddle him when I woke up.

So as we were discussing dreams, it reminded me of a prompt I read on the RotGKinkMeme here on DreamWidth. It was about Sandy and how dream logic is so weird and what might happen if Sandy tried to apply dream logic to real life and expect dream logic to fly as if it were real life logic.
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Disclaimer: I don't own any characters or concepts from Rise of the Guardians. Everything belongs to all related producers and distributors.

Summary: The children of Burgess may not be able to see Jacklyn Frost, but they can certainly hear her. Nowhere else do children sleep as soundly as the children of Burgess in Winter, when the Wind carries Winter's lullaby intermingled with the Sandman's dream sand.


The Wind carries the Winter Spirit's lullaby to all who need it, for although she cannot be seen, Jacklyn Frost cans still be heard. )


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