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Title: When the Sky Falls
Author: HawkEyesPrime
Disclaimer: This author does not own any of the characters or locations or even the plot of this story. She does not make any money off this work of fiction.
Summary: Skyfall AU. Ten years ago, Quinn (Q) and James met, fell in love and got married. What neither of them knew was that they both worked for MI6. When James, on a mission to Bolivia, captures a snapshot of his husband chasing a known terrorist over rooftops, confronts him. The resulting fight sent Q fleeing the house and unable to reach James, M sends Q to Istanbul after a missing hard drive.

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Part 4


Quinn laughs as James pushes him up against the wall and pins his hands above his head. “That’s cheating, James,” he teased.

“All’s fair in love and war, darling,” James chuckled and swooped down to capture his lips.

Heat pools in his groin as his husband ravishes his mouth, and Quinn gives as good as he gets, sucking on James’s tongue and licking inside his mouth. He whines into James’s mouth as the other man growls and nips at his lips and tilts his hips so their clothed arousals press together. They part only when the need for air is too much and Quinn licks at the hollow of James’s throat.

“Take me to bed, James,” he pants as he lifts a leg to hook it around James’ waist and rocks against his husband.

“God, Quinn,” James groaned and scoops up Quinn, who wraps his legs around James waist, and carries him into the bedroom.


Alec Trevelyan returns to the emergency headquarters of MI6 from his mission in Ukraine to find chaos. He learns from Tanner that Quinn Bond was alive and had retaken his old position as 003. He learns also that James and Quinn had taken M down to Skyfall to face Silva without interference. Two days later, when the retrieval team is sent to Skyfall, Alec goes with them. They find the childhood home of James Bond in ruin with the remnants of a helicopter in the middle of the rubble and more than a few dead bodies.

They enter the chapel where M had called from to find three prone figures. Silva lay near the door, face down with a knife in his back. James has been laid on a pew with a bloodstained coat, Quinn’s, Alec realizes with a sinking feeling in his gut, covering his head. He’s not breathing, 006 notes with despair. M is sitting in the middle of the aisle, and she is cradling Quinn’s head in her lap. He’s still breathing, but each breath is labored and shallow, and there is a bloody wound on 003’s side bleeding sluggishly.

More than one agent is surprised when they find out later that Quinn is M’s son, and because 003 is married to 007, that makes James M’s son-in-law.


M sits beside the still figure in the hospital bed in the heart of MI6’s medical branch while typing slowly on a laptop set on a small folding table. She glances at the figure as her fingers still on the keys.

“I’ve called him many things, but a paragon of British fortitude has never been one of them. Until now,” she said to the unresponsive figure beside her. Her voice has always been hard and unrelenting, but now she only sounds tired and sad. “He would hate it,” her smile is brittle.

There is a knock on the door, and M turns to see a Doctor and a pair of orderlies and a nurse.

“Ma’am?” the doctor says gently, “It is time.”

M nodded and the doctor enters the room.

Moments later, the silence of the medical ward is broken by the shrilling of a heart monitor.


They lie together in the dark, sweat and semen cooling on their skin. For some reason though, he can’t seem to catch his breath. James’s breathing, drat the man, has since returned to its normal rate.



“Are you happy?”

James rolls himself back on top of Quinn, pinning him to the mattress, holding himself up with his forearms pressed on either side of Quinn’s head. Quinn can barely see ice blue eyes looking at him full of love and some unidentifiable emotion in the dim light that filters through the curtains.

“Are you?” James’s voice is gentle.

“Very happy,” Quinn said as he reached out to cup James’s face in his hands. “But do you ever wonder if it doesn’t seem like something is wrong?”

“Yes,” James agreed, and Quinn identifies the look in James’s eyes. It’s sadness. His heart hurts to see that beloved face filled with such sadness. James seems to realize what Quinn has seen on his face, because he lets his full weight settle on top of Quinn as he draws him close, burying Quinn’s face into the crook of his neck. “But it’s nothing to worry about, Quinn. You’re here and I’m here. That’s what’s important.”

Quinn can hardly breathe with James’s weight on top of him and his face pressed into James’s neck. He doesn’t protest it though and slides his hands over powerful shoulders to hold his husband close.

“Sleep Quinn,” James says.

This close, Quinn feels James’s voice rumbling in his chest. Normally, this would make him unbearably hard, but right now, he only feels content. He doesn’t mind that he can’t breathe or that his heart is pounding loudly in his ears. He closes his eyes as fingers run through his hair.

“Sleep, Quinn. I am here.”

Quinn sleeps.


Alec Trevelyan lays flowers on the two new graves at Skyfall. They are buried side by side, 003 and 007, Quinn and James Bond. Two agents had taken over the coveted positions now, but Alec will always believe in his heart that 003 and 007 are Quinn and James Bond respectively. M has since retired and Gareth Mallory has taken her place as director of MI6. Skyfall and all assets belonging to the two deceased agents had since been bequeathed to Alec.

“Not that I’m happy about it,” he tells the two gravestones. “I thought it would be a new start when you came back Quinn. But now you’ve gone again, and you’ve taken James with you. Your mother is heartbroken, really. MI6 is completely different too.” He sighed. “I should have known that the pair of you would be trouble. Hopeless, the pair of you.”

He stands there in silence for a moment longer and shakes his head and turns to leave.

Six months later, 006 was caught in an explosion in Dubai. There is no body recovered. A new gravestone appears at Skyfall.



Part 3


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